Your not my mom

We were home alone with her stepmother when the following exchange occurred. We had been staying up pretty late and it was about time for bed. I sat in shock at the awkwardness of the situation but also at the rudeness of my friend. I was incredibly uncomfortable but knew exactly why my friend chose this phrase at that moment. If I ever talked like that to my mother, my mom would have grounded me for my entire life. In general, if I were to ever talk like that to anyone, my mom would definitely not be happy.
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How do I respond to “You’re not my real mom!”?

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How do you respond to "You're not my mommy/daddy!!!" |

Anyone know? How do you respond to this type of claim after you spend years putting so much into a child that isn't even yours? If it's a little kid, like a toddler, then really I wouldn't take it so personal as I feel they don't understand what they're saying and how much it may hurt. And I feel I still have many years to hopefully change their attitude towards me as a SM. But if it's a teenager like my 15 yr old SD who dropped that bomb on me many times Now kindly pack your bags and get out of my house. I would say you are correct I am not your mom or your dad, but I am the person in charge and you will do what I say.
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