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Right now you are Cutey Honey! You are a super android that has the power of humans, times seven! Notable, among other things, for being one of the first female characters to star in a shounen series and through inspiration , the prototypical Magical Girl Warrior. Takeshi Kisaragi's dead daughter, until the criminal organization with ties to The Legions of Hell "Panther Claw" kills the scientist while trying to steal his other Applied Phlebotinum. Advertisement: Honey's main power is the Phlebotinum her father was killed for — her body contains the only prototype. Most modern adaptations explain it with Nanomachines , but it's capable of assembling virtually any object from thin air and disassembling them, too.
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Cutie Honey (Anime)

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Cutey Honey Flash (TV) - Anime News Network:W

I'm kidding. This is probably the oldest anime I ever saw. It aired in nineteen seventy three. As a result it is pretty much unlike anything I've ever seen, and the closest thing to it, at least visually, is the first season of Sailor Moon. The age of the anime is noticeable in every its aspect - story, characters, visuals, art style and music. It aired before anime became very popular and well kknown, and as a result it looks much simpler and much more naive than ANY modern title.
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Cutey Honey Flash (TV)

Plot[ edit ] Honey Kisaragi is a regular, 16 years old Catholic schoolgirl, [5] until the day her father is murdered by the "Panther Claw" organization. With her cry of "Honey Flash! While attending the Saint Chapel School for Girls, Honey seeks revenge against the Panther Claw organization, which is ruled by an ancient primordial evil known as Panther Zora and her younger sibling Sister Jill. Zora wants "the rarest items in the world" and seeks to steal the device within Honey created by her father, which would allow them to "create an endless supply of jewels". Naojiro is here the boss of the school's delinquent boys before being joined in the job by Honey.
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Edit Cutie Honey was built to be an original series following a girl character in the Toei Animation timeslot after some previous Magical Girl series, but the original concept had to be changed into something different than what was already established including making changes to the character such as making her more independent as well as lack a love interest. The creator of the series Go Nagai gave Honey a transforming hero gimmick as the Henshin Boom of Japanese Television was still in effect based on previous series such as Kikaider. The seven transformations gimmick was borrowed from short tokusatsu such as Rainbowman. When designing personality and other character aspects, Honey used borrowed material from some of his previous works such as Abashiri Ikka while making Honey a character that could be enjoyed by both a male and female audience in that she "strong, sexy, and fashionable" and does not fit the negative stereotypes that people think of when it comes to immodest dressing.
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