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Easysmile Even celebrities are born with bad teeth. That is a fact. The picture-perfect image and the million dollar smile is basically just that — an image. The irony is that celebrities need to look perfect in front of the cameras.
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Top 20 Celebrities with Bad Teeth

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Celebrity Sexy Teeth reviews – Online shopping and reviews for Celebrity Sexy Teeth on AliExpress

Friday 1 March Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but the same rule does not apply for teeth. Maybe it's the rise of treatments to whiten and brighten that made perfectly identical whites so popular, perhaps the option to realign our gnashers without breaking the bank plays a part - tooth contouring and bonding are honestly revolutionary - or possibly it's because every time a celeb pauses for the paps, a flash of veneers makes it impossible to know one Hollywood smile from the next. Were all those unique, individual A-lister teeth really so undesirable before? Sure coffee addiction has contributed to the need for a bleach boost every now and again, but we don't recall the red carpet ever being peppered with crooked grins Advertisement To refresh our memory and remind us how even those born with a silver spoon in their mouth can benefit from a little dental work, we're shining light on all the tweaked teeth that form those mega celeb smiles. Want to give your own teeth the Hollywood smile treatment?
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These celebrity teeth transformations put veneers on our beauty to-do list

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